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Flyers for Distribution by Real Democrats

The mission of Real Democrats urges proactive people to participate in direct action in response to the deplorable practices in the 2008 Democratic primary. The Real Democrats' maintain that the usual processes of scrutiny in the public arena in a fair and open manner was subverted by the media and the DNC. The flyers posted below will foster a grassroots campaign to enlighten all people on Senator Obama's record in his own words and through his positions on various matters. These flyers are made available to you for general distribution.
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Superdelegates For Sale?
Are you aware of any superdelegate whose vote is or was for sale? We'd like to know. If you have information regarding any superdelegate who may have accepted contributions or favors in exchange for their pledge of support for a particular candidate, please e-mail us at:

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Standing on Principle

Democratic strategists are confident that disillusioned Hillary Clinton’s supporters are going to eventually find their way back into the Democratic fold and support the party’s candidate Barack Obama. Party supporters are opposed to the notion that a former Clinton supporter could turn on the party and vote for John McCain. They maintain that Clinton and Obama’s policies were similar, especially compared to those of McCain. These ideas suggest that there is a principled party and a principled candidate worth your precious vote.

In the nominee Barack Obama representing the Democratic Party, I find neither. That is why I have selectively and carefully considered my support of John McCain. I have evaluated both men and what they stand for as men, desirous of the position as President of the United States.

What does Obama stand for? Does anyone really know? A principled leader can produce a voting record for which they proudly stake their reputation whether the result is popular or not. In Obama’s two years as a United Stated senator, he has earned the reputation of being the most liberal senator on record. He has not produced one committee meeting on Afghanistan when given the task. As a state senator from Illinois, he passed on more votes than he cast. What do we really know about him, except that he has moneyed friends who were generous in the acquisition of superdelegates? I would very much like to listen to Senator Obama speak proudly of his voting record. I would like him to express pride in his accomplishments as a member of the Senate. Pride is the satisfaction one gains from personal accomplishments, not the commentary of another scripted on a teleprompter.

And what about this candidate’s spouse? Where is her pride? We cannot forget that in November we are voting for one person – in the position of president. We are not voting for how fashionable, stable, loving or devoted his wife is to her family or this country. Yet, the makeover team is poised to do just that. As a chameleon transforms itself to its environment, we are witnessing the makeover of a woman who now is willing to morph into some reincarnation of the Queen of Camelot. What will she be wearing tomorrow – a pillbox hat?

In Senator McCain, I find a man of principles. McCain is a man who has stood by his vote – whether popular or not. Votes that at times were not consistent with the Republican Party. He sought change, before “change” became a slogan. Like Hillary Clinton, John McCain relates to his constituents whether they are veterans, minorities, working class or women. He is a true American hero, one whom we can be certain of in his loyalty to this country and her people. In similar fashion, Cindy McCain is a woman whose demure manner and philanthropic endeavors match her husband’s aspirations for this country. She needs no makeover.

Hillary Clinton brought respect to herself and to the women voters she represented. In the absence of her candidacy, we must support candidates who have not only earned, but will maintain the respect of their constituents. Hillary Clinton understood the value of each and every vote that was cast for her. Every vote must count.

Where Have All The Democrats Gone?


By: Amy Siskind

On the morning of June 4, 2008, I cried two tears.

One for the realization that the candidate of my lifetime, Hillary Rodham Clinton, would soon suspend her campaign. One for seeing the Democratic Party, so much a part of who I am, lose its way.

When I was a little girl growing up in a suburb of Boston, my mother taught me the meaning of being a Democrat. She taught me the core values of our party – equality and helping those less fortunate. My mother sat me down and told me stories about growing up in the Depression and how FDR created jobs for those that needed help. How these jobs gave people pride and hope. She told me stories of Eleanor Roosevelt and how Eleanor relentlessly fought for equality, and how she gave a voice to those that did not have one. She told me stories of the Kennedy’s and how they gave their lives to fight for the values of the Democratic Party. Such brave men and women. Such pride to be a Democrat.

As I became an adult, I proudly declared myself a Democrat and worked to embrace the values of the party. Even when it was unpopular to be a Democrat, I stood by my party. Even when I was one of the few on the trading floors of Wall Street to vote Democrat, I held my head high remembering the brave men and women who had fought so hard to shape our country. Knowing with an inner confidence and sense of pride that the Democratic Party would stand by its core values of equality and helping those less fortunate. Knowing that from decade to decade and from election to election, that the issues may change, but that with these core values, our party would always get to where we needed to be. But now I must ask, Where Have All the Democrats Gone?

My fellow Democrats, as this primary season started, something was terribly wrong. I have watched this race unfold with a mixture of shock, disgrace and disgust.

* I have watched as the DNC Leadership stood idly while our first female candidate was repeatedly the target of overt sexism in the media. Where Have All the Democrats Gone?

* I have watched as the DNC Leadership stood idly by when Reverend Phlager took a very personal and demeaning swipe at Hillary Clinton. Where Have All the Democrats Gone?

* I have watched as the DNC Leadership actively and repeatedly tried to force out a candidate who ultimately received over 18 million votes from those who WANTED to have THEIR voices heard. Where Have All the Democrats Gone?

* I have watched as the DNC Leadership stood idly by as Bill Clinton, the most popular modern day Democratic President, was ripped to shreds and called a “racist.” Where Have All the Democrats Gone?

* I have watched as the DNC Leadership, so quick to be critical of the Supreme Court for their 2000 decisions on Florida, would then sit idly by while Florida and Michigan voters were alienated. Where Have All the Democrats Gone?

Well the sad fact is, I cannot stand to watch this anymore!

I have a view that is most unfortunate -- and that view is that perhaps BOTH parties have lost their way. The Republican Party realizes this fact and is actively moving to understand how they must change their platform and focus and fix their party. The Democratic Party, the party formerly of the brave and courageous, the party that formerly stood for equality and helping those less fortunate, has instead become the party of hubris and elitism. Where, oh where, have all the Democrats gone?

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Monday, June 16, 2008

Join Our Team

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Roe v. Wade, Part 1

Those of us Democrats who are not supporting Obama are being bombarded with a very ugly scare tactic------Roe v Wade. I want to share my thoughts on the subject with you as we continue on our path to either vote for McCain, write in Hillary, or abstain.

First of all, our cause is just. For most of you, I don't need to retell the story of our fury at being disrespected and abused by the mainstream media, the party, and the Obama campaign. The blatant sexism expressed was UNACCEPTABLE, and it still goes on day after day. It happened because we didn't stand up to it. Well, those days are over. We are here, we are united, and we will never be quiet again.

The party and the Obama campaign are worried by our protest. They should be-----close to 1 million of you have weighed in in a matter of two weeks to express solidarity with our cause. And that doesn't include the many millions more who haven't expressed their outrage and are keeping it to themselves.

The Democratic Party and the Obama campaign are responding to this by trying to scare us into thinking that if we protest the sexism by not voting for Obama that Roe v. Wade will be overturned and women will be sent back to the dark ages of back-alley abortions and zero women's rights.

Well, we must stand up to them and reveal that tactic for what it is------FEAR MONGERING.

First of all, Roe v Wade is the law of the land and has been for many years now. The chances of any Supreme Court overturning it in its entirety is slim. They may chip away at it, but they will not overturn it. Also states will have the right to pass their own laws keeping abortion legal. The legal system churns exceedingly slowly and is done piecemeal. The idea of losing abortion rights overnight just like that is ridiculous.

Secondly, even though the Democratic Congress was completely impotent in making any effort to stop the Alito and Roberts nominations, they will use everything in their power to stop a Supreme Court nominee whom they felt was going to tip the balance. This should be a very good year for the Democratic down-ticket races. Although some have expressed that they will abandon the Democratic ticket in its entirety (and bravo for your protest), many will use their protest vote only in the presidential contest. That means that those Democratic votes will go for the Democratic Congressional candidates we need for a veto-proof majority. The Democratic Party and the Obama campaign would be well-advised not to continue on with this ugly tactic lest they lose the down ticket support that they enjoy at the moment from our millions of supporters.

This is an election of change this year. The women's agenda needs to change as well. For too long, abortion has become the only item on anyone's feminist agenda. We need to move beyond that and bring to the forefront other pressing issues. Women For Fair Politics is doing that by insisting that our society needs to understand that sexism will not be tolerated. Our agenda is to help our society understand what sexism is and that expreessions of it will not be tolerated. But first, we need by our presidential protest vote make everyone understand that we are a force to be reckoned with.

And that means that we will not be letting the Roe v Wade scare tactic stop us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Message from Carly Fiorina

Hello Everyone!!!! We are FINALLY back up. It's great to be able to communicate with everyone again. I know that all of us have been feeling a bit "homeless" since the primary season has ended. We hope that you will all make a regular stop. We appreciate all of your input and all of your expressions of concern. This website was like having a baby------it was born on its own timetable which was not necessarily OUR timetable. But we are here and we intend to move forward. Nothing has changed--------we exist to make sure that NO woman running for president will EVER have to experience what Hillary Clinton had to experience.

We are very excited to present the exclusive launch of the following video by Carly Fiorina. We are very interested in what you think of her comments. Please view it and let us know!!

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Rules & Bylaws committee meeting:

Count Every Vote Rally-Amy Siskind

DNC Rules Committee Meeting- FL State Sen. Arthenia Joyner

DNC Rules Committee Meeting-Secret Meeting in opposition to DNC rules

Harriet Christian Gets kicked out of DNC Rules Meeting

Clinton Supporter Bruised at DNC Rules Meeting

TX State Senator Kirk Watson on Obama’s Accomplishments

Obama’s church honors Louis Farrakhan

Obama’s campaign chair’s OJ & Hillary comment

Obama Supports Sex Education in Kindegarten?

In 2004, Admits He doesn’t have Experience

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Voter Information

Here is some basic information so that you can find out how to register to vote, and actually vote in your respective states. It is important to note the election rules in your state, particularly if you intend to write-in Senator Hillary Clinton's name on your presidential ballot on Election Day, November 4, 2008. Unless Senator Clinton places her name on the ballot in your state, your vote will be counted, but as a vote of protest. Check with your Secretary of State for pertinent information on write-in votes.

The links below can assist you:


Sunday, June 8, 2008

Enduring the Hypocrisy

It’s too late to be pacified by the appearance of a flag pin or speeches about forsaking one’s past; the Democratic party has their presidential nominee. In the aftermath of the events over the last several months, it has occurred to me that the inequities and discrimination experienced by Senator Clinton must be addressed. The reality we are faced with is obvious, Senator Clinton’s concession is indeed two steps backward to her former strident forward momentum towards women winning key leadership roles.

The question is, “Who is responsible?” The immediate answer is Howard Dean and the DNC. Why should they be charged with sexism and misogyny? If the purpose of the primary season is to discern the best candidate to lead a party to victory in November, then one wonders whether the competing candidates have been given fair support by their party. Senator Clinton has not received the fair support of her party. During the primary season, not once was she openly defended by the DNC or supported against the sexist comments by the liberal media. The silence of the DNC allowed them to minimize her authority and her position as the frontrunner. Did the DNC refuse their support of her in response to conservative attacks on her? Or did the DNC desire to serve a greater good in the illusion of an Obama presidency in the interest of promoting diversity? The popularity of Senator Obama who was championed by the both the youth vote and monetary support, blinded the DNC to what was happening to Senator Clinton who was being unfairly maligned by the media.

The DNC, however, was short-sighted. While Senator Clinton forged ahead on the campaign trail winning support from constituents who truly reflect the plurality of this country, the DNC threw their support behind Senator Obama without vetting his business, political and religious associates all in the interest of racial equality. This lack of scrutiny deprived Senator Clinton of the recognition she deserved and ignored her supporters. The working class, the elderly, Hispanics and the unique voice of women were denied their desire to see a strong, intelligent, fair-minded and compassionate leader bring her skills to the highest office of this country.

What are women left with today? Today’s woman voter may be left feeling disillusioned, frustrated or angered. Yet, the presumption that she will fall in lock step with the Democratic Party after having fought the good fight with Senator Clinton is not a foregone conclusion. Women have numerous options to ponder between now and the November election.

As women voters seek to have their voices heard, it our sincere hope that you will make your voice heard by both parties regardless of affiliation so that the strides Senator Clinton achieved will not be undermined. Let us work together to discover which path will promote women’s issues, which are the issues of all Americans.

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Saturday, June 7, 2008

The History Books Will Record Hillary Clinton Nearly Broke the Glass Ceiling

In her concession speech today, Senator Hillary Clinton referred to the 18 million people who supported her candidacy for president. She spoke of almost cracking the glass ceiling preventing a woman from reaching the goal of becoming a nominee for president. To paraphrase the statement she said those 18 million votes put cracks in that ceiling and made it easier for the next woman who tries to achieve what she failed to do in the year 2008.
The speech seemed to have three parts:
  • A Campaign Review She recounted the campaign and the special moments with thanks to her supporters, family and all staff. She followed that with the actual concession part. It is understood that she will suspend the campaign keeping her  delegates close at hand. With the power of the votes and delegates she will continue on with pushing the changes that she has so valiantly sought. If a hint  of her mood was given it was more in her dress than her delivery. Wearing black with just a hint of blue, she effectively did what she had to do. 
  • Push unity and exhort her followers to move ahead to Obama without hanging out at a pity party. So much like Hillary, always with that urgency of need propelling her forward, she recalled how in her 40 years of political service and public life only three times has a Democrat been elected in that timeframe of history.  Two of those times by gosh, were by "someone in the room" as she looked at her husband.  We have work to do. The Democrats must move forward. 
  • She made a statement for history on the fact that she had been the first woman to  reach such a level. With daughter, Chelsea, and mother, Dorothy there with her, she said she did it for all women and no one ever again need fear doing it.  It is something a woman will achieve.

Am I ready to get onboard? The phone rang ironically today on the day of this speech.  Would I like to contribute $100.00 to the Obama campaign a voice asks?  I think not. A meeting of the "Party Fixits" held just a week ago  is fresh in the memory. The public voice of the female candidate with  the"powerful enduring intellect" as noted by the NY Times, will be missed.  

That gas tax suspension proposed not long ago by the candidate is looking so good about now.

You were a tough one Annie Oakley!!!!!!
Norma Schmansky


Friday, June 6, 2008

Our Big Tent

We find ourselves at an interesting moment. Hillary is NOT at the moment our nominee. She may or may not be on the ticket, and for many of you (and us) that doesn't matter. It is incredibly dismaying, disgusting, galling, unbelievable that EVEN IN VICTORY the Obamaites continue to ferociously attack her. Unfortunately, we can expect those attacks to continue unabated until the time arrives that Obama has chosen his running mate. The Obamaites DO NOT want Hillary on the ticket and they will continue to do the vile things that have brought us all together. What they don't understand is that these cruel vicious attacks only firm up our resolve to never vote for him. EVER!!!!

We have had over 500,000 people visit Here's who we are:

1) 75% have said that no matter what they are voting for McCain and many state they they are leaving or have already left the Democratic party

2) 10% will write in Hillary's name

3) 10% will vote for the ticket if Hillary is the VP nominee

4) 5% will not vote at all

PLEASE KNOW that despite our diversity of views on how we will express our dismay over the way Hillary was treated, we all want the same thing--------to make sure that NO ONE ever has to go through what Hillary has been put through EVER AGAIN. Most of us feel that the Democrats need to be taught a lesson for their silence on the subject of sexism and the peril they will find themselves in for ignoring their most loyal base of voters. The good news is that there are so many of us. WE ARE A FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH. We are in a unique position to carry out an important message.

I for one, believe strongly that when it comes to sexism, we will continue to be treated savagely the way Hillary was treated if we don't speak up now and always. For whatever you think about Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton,
they have helped our society to define the parameters of what is and is not acceptable behavior and speech when it comes to racism. We need to do that for sexism. I honestly believe that many sexist acts are done innocently out of ignorance. We cannot assume that people realize how offensive they are being unless we bring it to their attention-----over and over again.

Please help us develop the most effective strategy for using our strength to make a difference.Come to the website and make your voice heard. The shame of the election of 2008 must never be repeated. Welcome to our big tent!!!!

Cynthia Ruccia


Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Tip of the Hat to Senator Obama and the Superdelegates

A tip of the hat to Senator Obama. He did indeed go over the top in delegates Tuesday night. For those of us who do not wear hats bow down too before all the super delegates who had to urgently Tuesday join the DNC in their support. After suspending Florida and Michigan for three months, last week they exercised an unprecedented action and among other things threw some of her earned delegates his way. As one who has read some of historian writer, Theodore White's books on presidential campaigns, he would surely have written of this if alive. White too was among the first to notice the real impact of the media in elections beginning in 1972. We never thought that we could lose because we thought we had the authentic candidate. The real gold standard of a candidate especially valid for the Democratic party. A candidate who followed her heart and espoused all the things we once stood for. Founder, Andrew Jackson, envisioned a political home where ordinary people would be the backbone of the party while maintaining the lesser elite representation. We were wrong.

The mind-sets of the super delegates ran differently. While we assumed that winning most of the big battleground states with the working middleclass votes going for her, would certainly carry her candidacy we were so wrong. Yesterday we saw a super delegate, from Ohio, come out for Obama. Ohio was won handily by Senator Clinton. What is missing here? A local Columbus newspaper just last week did a story on why it will be hard for Senator Obama to win Ohio as Senator Clinton was ahead in the polls over McCain. Then with an overwhelming victory among the people of West Virginia, a state surely needed for Democrats to win in November, a state of Jackson type democrats, we have Senator Robert Byrd endorsing Senator Obama. Go figure. How are his coalition of urban voters and young university intellectuals going to carry this party?

We mistakenly thought that her having the most popular votes and 318 of a projected electoral vote number would at least buy time for the super delegates to look at every angle in deciding who would win. No time though she should concede now. How can she be so ungracious to the newly crowned? She had triumphed in most of the primaries since March. Obviously the train had long ago, maybe months ago, left the station and she wasn't on it. We think in retrospect, there was no way she ever would be . We examine every angle and painfully have to admit that it doesn't help to be a woman candidate for president in the year 2008. Ironically on the very day when Clinton supporters have all but quit the party in disgust or at least are thinking about it,a call comes from the state party asking for support to push a strong ticket. That will take so much thought. Perhaps years of thought. If the comments we have received to this site are any indication it probably ain't going to happen. Now you can put your hat away. We are truly blue in another way and it isn't going away. NSchmans


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