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At July 19, 2008 at 9:48 PM , Blogger patriot08 said...


The ultimate place to go for anti-Obama ammunition:

Accurate, widely respected massive history on Obama from his African ancestors to the present with daily updates. Easy to read, easy to research whatever you're looking for on Obama by using 'search'


At July 19, 2008 at 11:52 PM , Anonymous fif said...

Did you hear about/see the letter posted at HuffPo from DNC leaders Don Fowler and Alice Germond to Hillary supporters? It seems our democratic "demands" are "irritating" and "immature."

[Posted at NoQuarter 7/19]
Too bad the latest letter from two top Democratic National Committee officials is not an imaginary missive from a Hollywood comedy. Under those circumstances the b.s. spewed by Don Fowler and Alice Germond might be funny. But they are dead serious in writing the following:

“It is time for all Democrats, supporters of Senator Clinton and all other contenders for the nomination, to stand with him to secure his election and the election of Democrats at all levels of competition.

I must confess a bit of fatigue and irritation with people who continue to carp, complain, and criticize the results of the primary and lay down conditions for their support. The Los Angeles Lakers didn’t establish conditions to recognize the Boston Celtics as NBA Champions; Roger Federer did not demand concessions before recognizing that Rafael Nadal defeated him at Wimbledon.

It is time to act in a mature and resourceful fashion. It’s time to put the primaries behind us. It’s time to support Barack Obama without conditions or demands.”

At August 6, 2008 at 4:47 AM , Anonymous No Clinton, No Party. said...


I would like to introduce you to the new website dedicated to supporting Hillary Clinton for President. It's called "NO CLINTON, NO PARTY". I would appreciate if you consider adding this site to your blogroll, like I will do with yours!

Happy blogging!


At August 8, 2008 at 1:13 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope you will be happy with a Republican president, who will appoint Supreme Court Justices who will take your right to choose away and who will sell us right down the river in Iran. You are not "real" Democrats at all. You have betrayed this party.

At August 25, 2008 at 4:52 PM , Anonymous VOTE RALPH! said...

I heard Cynthia Roccia on television say that she's definitely voting for that PSYCHO McCain, because Hillary lost. Stupid bitter feminist! I'm one of the 6% of the wise people in the country who know that both parties are big business lackeys, and who will vote again for the best candidate this country has ever had, RALPH NADER. James Foley, NH

At August 26, 2008 at 2:46 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obama seems like a nice man. He dresses well and is a good speaker. None of which qualifies him to be our President! Maybe he will be qualified by the 2020 election cycle.

Never surrender !

At August 28, 2008 at 10:21 AM , Blogger steven said...

Even if we can get Hillary in 2012, the damage McCain will do to the judiciary with his radical right appointments over the next four years, especially on the Supreme Court, will set back this country for 20-30 years.

The only thing to do is hold your nose and vote for Obama or Roe vs Wade will be history within the next few years, and that is only one issue. Your civil rights will continue to be eroded and that will happen from the SC all the way to the Federal District Courts.

Hillary was my first choice but McCain is my last. Obama becomes the choice out of the maxim, "First do no harm" or maybe in this case, do the least harm.

McCain is dangerous unless you think that four more years that are the same as the last 7.5 is a good idea. We just have to suck it up, grow up, and do what's best for our country. The sad answer, the answer nevertheless, is Obama.

At September 1, 2008 at 3:23 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am sick and tired of hearing these idiots say "Get over it and suck it up"!! WE have enough information and evidence to get Obama thrown out-Lets do it and put Hillary in his place! This is our country not Pelosi, Dean and Brazille's. We need to fire them and take back our country. What are we afraid of?! I am not threatened by these idiot Obama DROIDS!! BRING IT ON!!! THIS IS THE TIME TO DO AS OUR ANCESTORS DID! REVOLUTION!! We need to stay focused and "FIRE AWAY".

At September 6, 2008 at 6:33 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello! I am one of those conservative pro-life evangelical middle aged women that was sympathetic to Hillary Clinton for how she was abused by the press. Now, another women Palin is being shredded by the same sexist press. "why doesn't she just stay home and be a mother." I felt like the feminist movement gave all women a choice no matter what side of the issues she follows. I believe in the feminist movement from my grandmother to my mother who both worked full-time outside the home. I decided to be a stay at home mother with my children. We are given the choice to decide our path, that's the point. Now, to see all these women attack Palin is such an injustice. You can disagree on issues, but not her employment choice. I wanted to share an article, yes written by a man Mark Reynolds of the Washington Post that tells why so many women love Palin, He is a faith commentator...."Before I tell you about Sarah Palin, let me tell you about the woman I was lucky enough to marry.

Hope graduated with honors from an excellent private college. She is an outstanding trumpet player and a fine teacher in a private school. She has worked with college students for over a decade helping them become better students and people.

She chose to have four children and is raising them splendidly. Her homeschooling has given them a fine classical education and an appreciation of virtue. She has been involved in putting together support organizations for students like her children and giving advice to new mothers.

She reads widely and keeps well-informed on the issues of the day. She has attended education and philosophy seminars in many U.S. states and several countries.

Almost none of this work has been paid. As a result, she is frequently stereotyped by people who will not bother to know her and insist on measuring the value of work by the size of the paycheck. Her experience in forming organizations, keeping them alive and helping them flourish is discounted, because the organizations were not centered around money-making or governance.

Her wisdom and insight gained from talking to hundreds of young men and women is often trivialized, because she gained it by listening to conversations at a dining room table and not in an office.

People will often assume that she has no interest or knowledge in current events or societal crises, because she did not gain her wisdom in organizational structures that they acknowledge.

This has often made me angry, but she has remained cheerful despite it all. Her success in the social sphere has given her a measure of confidence and she does not get her self-worth from others.

The Three Spheres of Activity

Cultures are built through at least three spheres of activity. The first area of important work is government. The second is business. The third, nearly forgotten by some but no less vital than the others, is the social sphere that includes the family, volunteer work, and all the social services that are not produced by the state or by business.

It is good for a nation when the three spheres interlock and when wisdom from one type of experience enriches the work of another. There is, of course, expertise gained through concentrated activity in one area of activity. The different seasons of a person's life means that he or she will often find himself moving from one type of activity to another. For a few years a man or woman may do mostly unpaid work in the social sphere and in another season paid work in the world of business.

Success in one sphere does not guarantee success in another, but there are rare individuals who can "do more than one thing." Such people should be cherished, because they bring fresh insights to old systems along with their competence. We recognize this easily when an outstanding business leader like Mitt Romney moves from paid employment to the government sector. Business frequently hires aging political stars as Disney did with Senator George Mitchell, chairman of the board in the nineties.

We are not so good at seeing it when an outstanding social and civic leader like Sarah Palin moves into government. We discount everything she did that was not in the governmental or paid business arena.

That is foolish and wrong.

The Sarah Palin Woman

Sarah Palin was part of her family business, a community leader, and became an outstanding political leader. She is star in every area, something people who knew her in each role quickly recognized.

She is the rare talent who can navigate all three worlds (social, business, and government) and can flourish.

She is a quick study and brings to each role the insights gained from other spheres of success. There are truths mothers learn and she learned them well. There are things you learn doing hard physical labor in a family business and she learned those. There are vital insights you gain running social organizations that are not centered in profit and Palin grasped those. There is something you gain when you are the chief executive of a state larger than most nations and Palin flourished there.

Based only on her political experience, Palin would commend herself to America, but that is not all she is. To pretend that this is so is to denigrate the importance of the work of millions of Americans, most of them women. Not all these women can move from one area to another as Palin has done, but they will know how blessed we are to have in Palin a woman who can do so.

Palin brings the home-truths to government, but also governs well. Her government experience is vital to indicate to us that she is ready for this bigger government job, but her outstanding success in civic, family, and business areas should not be discounted or viewed with a patronizing attitude.

She is a person whose life did not consist merely of being an outstanding community leader, family leader, and business leader, but it includes success in all those roles with proven competence in governance.

She is a Renaissance woman, but for some bigots if that breadth of experience was not gained in paid employment or only in government than it counts less or does not count at all. That is offensive, though hard-working women like Palin mostly ignore it and cheerfully go on being awesomely competent.

My wife is one of those millions of women and she sees in many sneers about Palin (reducing this brilliant woman to the "beauty queen") yet another example of some peoples inability to value her experience. The Democratic Party should be warned that they are playing with electoral fire if they act as if all of Palin's life experience is not of value. My wife will not get mad, but she is getting active.

These women organize, they vote, and like Palin they often have large numbers of built-in precinct workers called children.

Let me stress that it is not that they believe that just any individual leader in the social sphere could be president. They do think their experience should not be ignored in the rare case of a brilliant talent who can do both.

Should we be shocked that this is possible? We have long allowed military and business background to be brought to the table. This is natural in the case of military experience since the president (the role the vice president must be prepared to fulfill) is commander in chief, but other experience must count given the present reach of government.

For good or bad, the modern state now deeply impacts the business world. Business leaders rightly rejoice when "one of their own" who understands this impact shows that rare and precious ability to switch spheres of activity and make their concerns known in the halls of governing power. Not all business leaders can manage the switch, as H. Ross Perot proved, but some can.

Mitt Romney, the man I backed for president, was no more qualified by government experience to be president than Sarah Palin . . . if we only count their time in politics. However, Romney's business background was correctly seen as a huge asset by most Americans. He faced little "qualifications" buzz though he was only a one-term governor of Massachusetts.

That was proper.

There should be no double standard for Sarah Palin's equally rich non-governmental experience. The fact that she has not spent her entire adult life in government is a good thing . . . providing we also know (as we do) that she can make the transition.

Does the government impact our social structures and families any less that it impacts business?

Are the skills gained in the PTA, civic leadership in small towns, and in family business of less value than those of the corporate tycoon?

Shouldn't every person rejoice that social policies and decisions will be made in a McCain administration with at least one person at the table who has shown outstanding civic, social, family, and business competence?

Where have we seen such a model for leadership training commended? Palin herself, and the millions of leaders like her, could tell you. Read Proverbs 31 and realize what she did for the years she was not a full-time government worker. Know how greatly a healthy culture values this work. Then stop and be stunned that for a decade and a half Sarah Palin showed that a few of these Proverbs 31 women can also be political dynamite.

Women like Palin do not ask for respect, they earn it. They may not like it when their previous work is denigrated, but they move on. That is wise.

That does not mean that the rest of us have to put up with narrow-minded foolishness that thinks only paid work gives valuable experience, that writing your own autobiography twice is always more interesting than helping run the family business and educating your kids, or that chattering as a guest on Sunday talk shows gives a better education than doing hard physical labor.

A wise culture would look at the sum of Sarah Palin's life and her experience and be thrilled to say:

"Give her the reward she has earned,
and let her works bring her praise at the city gate""

At September 15, 2008 at 8:11 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with whomever that Palin is an attractive, charismatic woman. Beyond that, i cannot see how anyone with a progressive approach too the world can vote for McCain/Palin. Vote for the green party if you don't like obama, but McCain??? What will remain after they are gone is not her "story" or her charisma, but the effects of their policies and supreme court choices. Most probably an economy in crisis and more wars. However you look at it, obamas policies are more closely aligned with hillary clintons than McCains.And i am speaking as one who is not an avid obama supporter...I ask you. Please, for the sake of ALL of us, not just a narrow agenda, don't vote for them. Vote green, vote libertarian or whatever, but not them.
don herzbach

At September 21, 2008 at 5:10 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why should any one reward DNC and Obama for their bad behaviors? Please save it, don't use the Supreme Court to terrify people, it won't work, we all know Roe vs Wade will never be overturned, Stupid, ask Lady Lynn. If you want to vote for Obama- A dirty Chicago lowlife junior politician, be my guest. I will vote for a patriot John McCain, and trust him to make our Country great.

At September 22, 2008 at 1:43 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Real Democrats USA"...are you joking??? If you are voting for mc-deregulator and anti-choice palin, you are REAL NEOCON REPUBLICANS USA. Get real: either give yourselves a more accurate name (right-wing republicans) or finally grow up.

At September 24, 2008 at 6:01 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Instead of "Real Democrats USA", why don't you call yourselves what you really are:!

At September 24, 2008 at 6:57 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

REAL Democrats would let visitors comment freely.

At September 28, 2008 at 1:20 PM , Blogger Jay said...

I am voting for McCain..first time I ever voted Republican. I was so glad to see that Chris Hardball and Keith Oberberman of MSNBC got a demotion. It was due to low ratings, had nothing to do with them being sexist, it has to do with low economics. Women are willing to put two men in office, and how Obama is using Hillary to win the nomination. It seems Hillary is being used for his end result. He had a choice of putting a woman as his VP, but he did not, he choose a man. Why not Hillary...maybe it had to do with have having more experience, knowledge, and leadership, which he lacks. This is like men being in management, and women being secretaries. So we have women again, being subcoordinators to help put a man in office, while women sit in the back of the bus, looking at their leader. Please...enough is enough, Go Sarah.

At October 2, 2008 at 10:51 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is from

What Hillary Really Wants

Many people, including Hillary Clinton supporters, have been asking themselves recently: What does Hillary Clinton really want? After any level of examination, the answer should be quite clear; she wants all of her supporters to vote for John McCain. This conclusion may seem at odds with her endorsement of Barack Obama, but only if you have not paid close attention to the entire primary election.

As many of you remember, Hillary Clinton gave it all for her candidacy. She spent months making the case that Barack Hussein Obama was unelectable, inexperienced, immature about foreign policy, even dangerous in comparison to John S. McCain. She also made the case that SHE was highly qualified, had the strong record on social issues and had the necessary judgment to be Commander in Chief. Many times she even made it a point to mention that McCain had already crossed the Commander in Chief threshold, while Obama had obviously failed to do the same. It would be fair to conclude that this was not dishonest rhetoric on her part, since even a casual study of Obama’s record confirms her multiple contentions. In addition, she also bluntly told most superdelegates in private that “Obama CAN’T win!”. In other words, she basically laid ALL of her credibility and experience on the line to make the case that the only two capable candidates in the race to the White House were John McCain and Hillary Clinton. Even Bill Clinton participated in this spread of this theme and made public statements in which he clearly pointed out that “it would be great to see a race between two people who really love their Country”, something that made all within the Obama campaign cringe, for the obvious implications of said statement; Obama is NOT patriotic enough to run for our highest office (the nefarious legacy of Rev. Wright, Mr. Khalidi and Mr. Ayers).

Clinton’s plea was obviously well heeded, and led to her candidacy’s automatic increase in votes, even among those who initially did not like her, and it also actively allowed her to reach the highest voting margin in all American primary history. As any observer of the primary season can attest, there was an almost dramatic urgency in her supporters (which increased every day) to battle against the dangerous pretensions of Barack Hussein Obama, an individual who has constantly exemplified blatant ignorance, inexperience, arrogance, sexism and anti-White racism throughout his campaign for the White House. Even key figures in her Republican opposition (who would have not benefited from her success), and who never had shown any respect for Mrs. Clinton, ended up admiring her and wishing that she would beat the odds against the Obama machine and take the nomination. But, at the end of it all, the Democratic Party’s thirst for cash was more powerful than the will of the countless Jewish, Hispanic, and White working-class voters throughout Florida, Michigan, and the rest of the United States. Money and political correctness became lauder than the women who actually form their base, and they quickly handed the nomination to the Obamas’.

After a hard struggle, Hillary Clinton was basically forced to capitulate her candidacy by the Party bosses and made to publicly show her “support” for their nominee. Many were the Clinton supporters who wished that she could leave her party and run as an independent, or that she would at least take her fight into Denver and fight it out ‘tooth and nail’. Instead, she appeared to have ‘thrown in the towel’. But anyone who understands politics, and/or is knowledgeable about her career in the realm of public service, knows that this reaction is simply too “easy” and must therefore reflect a long term strategy (something for which the Clintons are well known). What is then her ultimate strategy?

There are many curious clues within her latest speeches that should be pointed out to her supporters in an attempt to help them understand what she really NEEDS from them.

First, Hillary has continued to make the case of the 18 Million voters, that ‘magic number’ which constantly underscores the fact that she won the popular vote against Obama.

Second, Hillary DID NOT mention John McCain during her entire concession speech, a very strange fact when you consider that the whole strategy of the Democratic Party is based on the fictional contrast between Obama and John McCain, via Bush.

Third, Hillary has made sure to constantly state that she will continue to fight for her supporters and that one day they will actually ‘break that highest of all glass ceilings’ together, a term that she has continuously used to make the case that she will become the first female President. What is her underlying message? What important piece of the overall strategy does her wide range of supporters play into this political strategy?

There is NO DOUBT that if any Hillary Clinton supporter wants to see her (or any woman for that matter) become President of the United States within their lifetimes, Barack Obama HAS to lose the general election, and by a wide margin. Anyone who has ever claimed to be a Clinton supporter MUST vote AGAINST Barack Obama, if they wish to even respect and/or uplift her credibility as a political figure. There is, in fact, NO ESCAPE from this reality. Let’s look at her alternatives.

On the practical level, IF Obama wins in November, it would push her possibility of running for the Presidency by more than 8 years into the future, since she would NOT be able to run against him after the first term (even if he was a certified loser) because the Party would simply not allow her to challenge their incumbent candidate. By the year 2016, the possibility of a Republican candidate taking back the White House from the Democrats will be basically guaranteed, even if we only base it in the dynamics of how our system tends to work. Thus, this sequence of events would basically push her candidacy even further ahead for another 4 to 8 years (this amounts to 16 years into the future!). In other words, by voting for Obama you are LITERALLY barring her election FOR ALL TIME. Based on this measure, her candidacy entirely depends on Obama’s defeat. But, there is also another factor to consider in this election, which deals with her credibility and integrity, and that could also block her future chances.

As we have already mentioned, Hillary Clinton spent a lot of energy, and placed her entire career/reputation on the line (within her own party), to make the case that her supporters would more than likely not vote for Obama in the general election, that he was unprepared, that he was not ready, that he was ‘out of touch’, that SHE was the only one that could truly beat John McCain, etc. If she is somehow proven wrong in November, by Obama and the Mainstream Media, you can be sure that her role within the Democratic Party would automatically diminish even further, and that she could never again run for the Presidency of the United States. In addition, her entire campaign would be automatically labeled as a “shamefully racist smear” for all historical purposes, since she was the only high profile figure that continuously told everyone that “a black man” from her own party couldn’t win in America. Based on this measure as well, her future candidacy completely depends on Obama’s defeat.

Based on these factors alone, the ONLY chance that she and her supporters have of EVER achieving victory (and reaching the White House) is by helping John McCain in the process of defeating Barack Obama in November. The ONLY chance that Hillary Clinton has of protecting her legacy, is that her supporters prove to the world (and her party) that she WAS RIGHT all along, and that a corrupt and inexperienced anti-White racist will never win the White House. The only way to redeem Hillary Clinton in front of the biased Media is to prove to them that her judgment on the matter WAS ENTIRELY CORRECT, and that they were wrong.

This is the context in which you find her following the party line, specially if she wants to be nominated for 2012 as the “I TOLD YOU SO” candidate ‘per excellence’ of her collectivity. She is NOT doing it to convince you that Obama is now magically qualified, or to have you “follow her lead” into oblivion. She wants you to listen to her entire record, to remember the Media’s sexism and racism. She wants you to remember her complimentary words about her friend John McCain. She wants you to understand politics and realize the true meaning of strategy. She wants you to read between the lines and understand her message.

She is hoping that her supporters understand that the ONLY way that she can run again in 2012 is if Barack Obama is humiliated by an impressive defeat in November. Only then can she swoop down into the Democratic Party, negotiate with the elites, take back her party and defeat John McCain (in either 4 or 8 years). If Clinton’s supporters don’t listen carefully to her cues, if they don’t understand political strategy, if they remain ignorant of reality, they will actually partake in the destruction of Hillary Clinton’s legacy, and the chances that any of them might have had of putting a qualified woman in the White House.

As many of you may already know, and as many within the Republican party have complained about, and as Bill Clinton himself has even confirmed with countless speeches, Hillary Clinton and John McCain are very close friends, and as her longtime record confirms, Hillary is A LOT BETTER in choosing her friends than Barack H. Obama ever will be. If McCain is good enough for Hillary, why shouldn’t her supporters feel the same way about him? Wouldn’t it be better to vote for Hillary Clinton’s personal friend than elect a man who has been friendly with terrorists and America haters? A man who, in contrast to McCain, has NEVER laid his career and reputation on the line to defend her from his own friends and spiritual advisers?

When the general election arrives, I have NO DOUBT that Hillary Clinton will cast her vote for John McCain, just like McCain himself is reported to have casted his vote for Al Gore. To all of you who may have doubts of what Hillary wants, the answer is quite easy: Do NOT elect Barack Obama to the White House! You will do Hillary Clinton AND our Country a huge favor.

At October 2, 2008 at 10:56 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a real democrat and I want what's best for this country. If Obama, God forbid, wins, the country will go to crap. McCain is a reformer, spent his entire life dedicated to his country. Obama has done everything to further his career and NOTHING for the citizens, quite the opposite, he's actually responsible for the slums of Chicago. If you voted for Hillary in the primaries then there is no question that you should vote for McCain this November. Remember Hillary said "McCain would make a fine president" she hasn't changed her mind about that.

At October 4, 2008 at 5:41 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


At October 17, 2008 at 5:03 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

GOD BLESS YOU for PUTTING Country FIRST. Barack Obama and Company would be the MOST GOD AWFUL thing that could happen to us. His LATEST approval? Give illegals Driver's Licenses. That is TRULY LIKE saying "YOU are BREAKING the Law; but WE LIBERALS welcome you to do WHAT EVER you want to do to us; just let us LAY DOWN while you're doing "it" to us. Imagine ANY ONE getting on a PLANE or through a FEDERAL BUILDING which REQUIRES "Driver Licenses" to GET THROUGH.......thank you FOR BEING BRAVE MEN AND WOMEN ~~ you DEMOCRATS GONE SMART !!! DO NOT let Barack Obama say that John McCain is "making this campaign about him (he is just egotistical)instead of You (he points to the people) ~~~ OBama FORGOT about YOU GOOD DEMOCRATS who ARE COUNTRY FIRST !!! Not just every which way the wind blows as Obama HAS DONE CONSISTENTLY.

At October 17, 2008 at 5:06 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Barack Obama COULD NOT GET a Government "Clearance" to be a Government Employee BASED on "his Associations"......WHY IN THE WORLD would we want him in OUR White House ?????????? Pray tell.

At October 17, 2008 at 5:52 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Saw the lady on Fox News this afternoon. Simply because you are a registered Democrat does not mean you are a Democrat. With all you respect you are being disengenous.

Moreover, I just watched Rep. Michelle Bachmann (Republicanfrom Minnesota) on Hardball. Started with another attack on Obama because he knows Bill Ayers. Ended with a demand that the media investigate Democrats in the Congress, because, if you are left and liberal you are probably un-American. Logically, if you have a relative or friend in the Armed Forces and they are left and liberal in their views, they are probably un-American. Unbelievable.

Bottom line. Obama would have to be a total disater to be worse than what the GOP has done to this country in the lst 8 years.

At October 20, 2008 at 5:06 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


President Bush’s approval rating with only 26% was announced last week in which it was the same as the approval rating for President Nixon. Yes, President Nixon who was impeached because of the water gate case and as a result our nation’s moral was as its lowest level. Our military leaving Vietnam was parade by the world media as if they were chased out of Vietnam with shame and the economy was under stress because of the rising oil prices, just like what is happening today. People were worried and they decided not to elect another republican as president no matter what and they picked Jimmy Carter a democrat. In my opinion, Jimmy Carter is a great human being and I put jimmy Carter in the same level as Gandhi, and Martin Luther King. In fact I think God has a place reserved for president Carter in heaven right next to were Jesus Christ sits. But Jimmy Carter was not made to run the country especially with his lack of knowledge and experience in foreign policies and the result was ugly. As soon as Jimmy Carter became president, Saddam Hussein was moved in by his mentor Milosevic of Yugoslavia and became the dictator of Iraq and immediately he helped Ayatollah Khomeini who was living in exile in Iraq at the time to organize the revolution in Iran and after a year the Shah of Iran, an important ally of U.S. was forced out of Iran and his prime minister gave up the power to Ayatollah Khomeini and his Islamic government and before everyone’s eyes the students took over U.S. embassy and took the embassy staff hostage and later that year Soviet military moved into Afghanistan and planted the new government called Taliban. The domino effect of Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan in less than two years was an indication of a lack of knowledge and experience in foreign policies on the part of president Carter in which President Bush for the past seven years have been fighting to reverse that inadequacy by President Carter and we all have been witnessing the cost of that in human lives and our national treasures. Yes President Bush is undoing the costly mistakes that Jimmy Cater made thirty years ago and now we have the same scenario repeating all over again. Senator Obama with no experience in running the government, especially his lack of knowledge in foreign policy affairs are a reminder of President Carter era and to flatly disregard the Republican nominee and blindly elect a democrat with only two years experience as a senator is to make the same mistake all over again.
I also have noticed an interesting parallel, a similarity if you will, between what took place about three and half years ago in Iran and what has been taking place in U.S. at the present time. Three and half years ago the nominees for the Iranian presidential election were announced and after couple of weeks another announcement shocked everyone in Iran. Iranian presidential election committee disqualified two prominent politicians from the list of the nominees. The two politicians were probably the most qualified and favorites in Iranian society, just like Al Gore and John Kerry are in U.S. As soon as the news came out, demonstrations broke out and revolutionary guard began arresting and even killings the students in the University of Tehran’s dormitory which was reported on the news media all over the world. The angry public gave up the demonstrations as a result of the crack down by the government and they decided to boycott the elections in which it was a bad choice. In Iran just like in U.S. only half of those eligible to vote, usually go out there and vote for president. From that fifty percent eligible to vote, sixty percent decided to boycott the election and the rest of the 40% had to decide between three finalists and Mr. Ahmadi-nejaud was one of them. Mr. Ahmadi-Nejaud was the mayor of Tehran for only two years prior to running for president’s office, but he was backed by GE’s money? And GE’s connections in Iran just like Senator Obama are in U.S. The media owned and rented by GE people in Iran made a rock star out of Mr. Ahmadi-Nejaud, even though he looks more like a folk-singer. They did the same in U.S. and made Senator Obama look like a rock star, even though he looks more like a “Moe town”. They shot high power-low frequency classical music during his speeches through the crowd. People didn’t hear the music but they felt it in their legs and they described his speeches as indescribable, just like senator Obama’s followers described the same feelings in their legs during his speeches. They gave Mr. Ahmadi-Nejaud the title of “Doctor”, even though he was only a techno-crat, just like they gave senator Obama the title of “Messiah” and if it wasn’t because of my book entitled “IMAM”, Senator’s followers were suppose to see his face on the moon right before the election. Mr. Ahmadi-Nejaud’s backers pushed the leading clergy to approve his standing and when the leading clergy refused to approve him, they made threats. The leading clergy refused to cave in and the next thing was a major earthquake in the city of Bam. Death toll was very high and the ancient city in which was a major tourist destination turned into ruins. The clergy didn’t cave in and they regarded the earthquake as the nature’s wrath and not a man made. Mr. Ahmadi-Nejaud’s backers this time around did the same thing in another city in northern Iran called “Sauri”. Yes I know, It sounds like they did it again and said “Sorry” at the same time. The same sick mind set as “9-11” and etc. The clergy caved in and Mr. Ahmadi-Nejaud won the election with only 24% of those eligible to vote. He became the president of Iran with the minority of the votes. He represents the minority. When U.S. democratic party disenfranchised two major states of Michigan and Florida last year, I said to myself; This looks very much like what happened in Iran three and half years ago. When I noticed every network and news company with an army of pundits are supporting Senator Obama is linked to parent company GE, I said to myself; This looks just like the three and half years ago in Iran. But one thing stands out in this parallel similarity between senator Obama and Mr. Ahmadi-Nejaud (besides the same design members only jackets that they wear) and that one thing is this; Mr. Ahmadi-Nejaud was recognized by the U.S. embassy staff who were taken hostage during the U.S. embassy take over by the Iranian students as the leader of the students and the master mind behind the hostage taking in November of 1979 and in the other hand we have Mr. Obama and his role in the U.S. Embassy bombing in 1998 Kenya? Yes that is the question here! Mr. Obama’s character was shaped by his pastor and mentor, Rev, Wright and his friend bill Ayers, who jump started Mr. Obama’s political career, a known terrorist who only bombed U.S. government buildings. This is were I, a card carrying democrat become very worried. A senator named Obama, an Islamic/Christian Marxist who is nothing but a poppet to one of the largest corporations in the world called GE in which is in the business of energy? Is going to become the president? and what will follow will be very ugly if we don’t do something about it. To boycott the election, just like that 60% Iranians that they boycott their election is not the answer and that only will make the victory for Senator Obama so much easier. What some of the Senator Clinton followers (Democrats for McCain) have decided to do is the right thing to do and that is to vote and to vote for Senator McCain and make sure that those who are planning to wipe out everything that made this country so great, not to have the chance to do so, while at the same time we send a message to the democratic party leadership that corruption within the democratic party would not be tolerated and more changes will follow within the democratic party representatives if they continue their corrupt ways.


Cirrus Kazimi
Las Vegas, NV

At November 5, 2008 at 12:35 PM , Anonymous fran said...

It's a sad day. I just wanted to write to all of you and thank you for your tireless work and commitment to our democracy. It is not the result we fought for, and I do not understand why people in states like OH & PA would support a candidate who has insulted them and offers them lies and hypocrisy, but there's so much about this election I cannot fathom. All the best to you, and I hope you/we will keep fighting the forces that created this travesty of justice.


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